Melvin Gordon is sitting on a holdout from the Los Angeles Chargers team and there is no end to it. The Chargers thought they could make it work with Austin Ekeler as he even performed great in the first match. But in the Week 2, the Detroit Lions defeated the LA Chargers by 13-10 and it raises some serious questions on their roster depth.

Meanwhile, Gordon is training hard and waiting for a deal by any of the NFL teams or even Chargers if they raise his price. Although, it might not be possible anymore and Gordon said in an Instagram live video that he hates playing in Los Angeles and will leave the place soon.

Melvin Gordon on Instagram Live

Melvin Gordon on Instagram Live

Melvin Gordon has faced a lot of problems for his Instagram tactics and yet he doesn’t learn any lesson from it. When Gordon started following NFL teams like Eagles, Redskins, Steelers, etc on Instagram, the Charges ended every trade negotiations with him. Gordon recently went live on Instagram to talk with his fans and replied to some of their questions.

Gordon confirmed that he will play in 2019 NFL season as he won’t waste his talent by sitting out. There was no mention of any teams but Gordon said that the Chargers don’t care much for their players or winning games and it’s all just a business to them. It simply means that Gordon has planned his way out of LA Chargers and could make a deal with some other NFL team soon.

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Gordon doesn’t like Los Angeles

Melvin Gordon doesn't like Los Angeles

It is also important to note that Melvin Gordon has been training in San Diego and not the Los Angeles City. The Chargers moved to LA a long back and honestly none of the public there cares for them. Los Angeles Rams are still the favorite NFL team of every Hollywood resident.

Gordon has also revealed that he hated playing in LA as the fans never cheer for the Chargers or most of the seats are empty. It is another indication that Gordon has made up his mind to leave the Chargers and he will do it soon by signing a deal with some other NFL team.