NFL Week 3 is about to start and Melvin Gordon has not still been offered a new contract extension by the Los Angeles Chargers. Gordon was given an offer worth $10 million per year which he declined and even that was taken back after he tried to contact other NFL teams. Austin Ekeler proved to be an efficient running back for the LA team and it looks like they don’t need Gordon anymore.

While he is looking at offers from other teams, the name of Detroit Lions can be canceled from the list after the Sunday night game. Gordon made fun of the Lions kicker Matt Prater and there is no way he will be playing for Detroit in the Week 3 games.

Gordon criticized for his Tweet on Matt Prater

Gordon making fun of Matt Prater

Gordon was watching the Chargers vs Lions game on Sunday and supporting his team for the whole time.  During the first half of the game, Lions kicker Matt Prater missed one field goal and lost an extra point for his team. Gordon took no time and wrote on Twitter, “Dear lions kicker, hahaha drinks on me after the game,” with three laughing crying emojis.

The Lions side strongly criticized it as everyone knows that Prater is going through a drinking problem and fighting hard for it. There is no way the Lions would make a trade deal with Melvin Gordon as he doesn’t respect their team members.

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Holdout with Chargers to End in Week 3

Detroit Lions replied Gordon by their gameplay and defeated the Chargers by 13-10 at their hometown. It means the LA team would have to rethink their decision of letting Melvin Gordon sit out as they can lose the playoffs. The Chargers asked Gordon to find a trade partner on his own and on failing to do so, his contract will expire by Week 10 of NFL 2019 season.

But now the situation has been changed and Gordon might be called back in the team. A new contract between $10-$13 million could be offered to Gordon to bring him back by Week 3 of NFL 2019 season.