NFL LA Chargers Melvin Gordon Deal San Francisco 49ers

San Francisco 49ers’ Melvin Gordon might soon be teaming up with Los Angeles Chargers as a part of a new trade deal, or at least that’s what the latest rumors seem to suggest.

San Francisco 49ers were able to beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the Week 1 NFL 2019 season game but they lost something important in it. Tevin Coleman, the star running back for the 49ers team went down with a left ankle injury and now will miss rest of the regular season games. Coleman will undergo an MRI soon and whatever the reports are, he won’t be back on the field soon.

It has led to the linkup of Melvin Gordon to the 49ers team who has been currently sitting out a holdout from the Los Angeles Chargers side. While Gordon has given a deadline to return or make deal with other NFL teams, the 49ers could use this opportunity to replace their running back department.

Replacement for Injured Tevin Coleman

NFL LA Chargers Melvin Gordon Deal San Francisco 49ers

Coleman was one of the most elite running back in 49ers and other members in the roster can barely take his place. He may sit out the entire season because of his ankle injury and San Francisco needs someone with a good record sheet like Melvin Gordon.

Matt Breida, Raheem Mostert, and Jerick McKinnon are the current backup running back in 49ers but none of them is a playoff-caliber player. There might be some salary issues for Gordon as he won’t come cheap, but 49ers and Chargers can agree for some sort of trade involving a few future round picks.

Austin Ekeler can take Place of Melvin Gordon

Chargers have Austin Ekeler

The 49ers are in dire need of a running back as their main star got injured and it makes sense for them to trade for Melvin Gordon. But will the Los Angeles Chargers let the trade deal happen as Gordon is also important to them. It might be actually possible after the recent Charger vs. Colts game where the LA team won with 30-24 in overtime.

The Chargers have proved that they don’t need Gordon anymore as Austin Ekeler does a fine job at the running back spot. Ekeler rushed for 154 yards and three touchdowns which is enough to replace Gordon for the rest of the NFL season.