NFL Kiko Alonso Raiders Trade Deal Dolphins 2019 Roster Cuts

Kiko Alonso wants to move out from Miami Dolphins as soon as possible before they cut him off from the team. The 29-year-old linebacker has requested the Dolphins side to be traded out before Saturday, August 31. Oakland Raiders are said to be interested in Alonso and he wants the deal to be finalized before it is too late.

NFL 2019 Roster Cuts are about to start and every team will reduce their 90 man roster to just 53. Alonso knows the fact that Dolphins are not planning to take him in the regular season, Hence, a deal with Raider could soon be made to avoid the roster cuts.

Alonso in Raiders as Backup LB

NFL Kiko Alonso Deal with Raiders

Oakland Raiders are looking at the NFL players market to get a backup linebacker in the middle side. Vontaze Burfict is their current starter at the position but he has been missing most of the games.

While playing for the Raiders, Burfict has missed more than five games in the last five seasons. Further, it is not sure whether Antonio Brown will be back for the regular season or not. Hence the Raiders are not going to take a risk and sign Kiko Alonso as their next linebacker.

Dolphins Roster Cuts 2019

Deal before Roster Cuts

Kiko Alonso has time till Saturday, 4 pm EST to move out from the Dolphins and sign with the Raiders. It is almost confirmed that the Miami side is not going to include Alonso in the final 53 man roster list. Sam Eguavoen has performed excellently in the training camp and preseason games and he might replace Alonso as the new linebacker for Dolphins.

Another reason why Dolphins doesn’t want Kiko to play in the regular season is his high salary. Alonso has two years remaining on his contract where he will be paid $12.9 million, but his dead-cap salary for 2020 is just $1.76 million. Hence the Dolphins will cut him off and Alonso wants a deal as soon as possible.