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NFL Predictions: Bears, 49ers and Raiders Have the Worst Betting Odds for Super Bowl 2020

NFL Prediction Chicago Bears San Francisco 49ers Oakland Raiders betting odds Super Bowl 2020

NFL Super Bowl 2020 is going to be the best sports events and all the teams have already started their preparations. While some teams have the best chances to be a title winner, there are others who have the worst odds. It would be stupidity on bet on those teams but if they somehow win, there will be so much money into it. Here are the NFL betting odds for Bears, 49ers and Raider as the worst team for Super Bowl 2020.

Chicago Bears

NFL Prediction Super Bowl 2020 Odds Chicago Bears

Chicago Bears is a team in the NFC North division where the competition is too high. Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings will rarely give the Bears a chance to win the league title, Super Bowl is another thing. Bryce Callahan and Adrian Amos have left the Bears roster and they would soon miss them on the field. Mitchell Trubisky is the only quarterback for the Chicago team who could do some wonders but he is not in his prime season.

Betting Odds: 2500

San Francisco 49ers

NFL Prediction Super Bowl 2020 Odds San Francisco 49ers

San Francisco 49ers have not won a single NFL title since the year 2013 and it might continue in the next season also. Los Angeles Rams are the best team in the NFC West division and Seattle Seahawks comes at the second place. Jimmy Garoppolo is way behind the other quarterbacks and the 49ers needs something more. Nick Bosa is also suffering through an ankle injury and nothing is going right for the 49ers. Even if the San Francisco team can make it to the playoffs, it would be a big thing for them.

Betting Odds: +3000

Oakland Raiders

NFL Prediction Super Bowl 2020 Odds Oakland Raiders

Oakland Raiders thought they could make a move for the next Super Bowl by signing Antonio Brown in their team. It has misfired so badly that Brown has not played a single game with the Raiders and is also missing out practice sessions. Derek Carr was the only decent quarterback in the team and he is also recovering from an injury. There is no way the Raiders can win the next NFL title, they can hardly qualify for the playoffs.

Betting Odds: +6000

Written by Faran

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