Houston Texans are in trouble as their star running back Lamar Miller is injured before the start of NFL 2019 season. Miller suffered from an ACL injury and will probably miss the entire next season. The Texans are looking at possible replacements and Jay Ajayi is rumored to be the final name in their list.

As per some rumors, Texans have already signed a new deal with Ajayi and it will be soon made official. Ajayi is currently a free agent who last played for the Philadelphia Eagles before his own ACL injury. Now that Jay is fully healed and fits perfectly in the Houston team, a deal to replace is almost confirmed.

Ajayi is healed from Injury

Jay Ajayi Deal Houston Texans Lamar Miller Replacement Healed from Injury

Jay Ajayi has previously played for Miami Dolphins and Philadelphia Eagles and had good performance in both the game. The only drawback was his injuries in October 2018 due to which he was limited to just 5 games and his contract with the Eagles was ended.

Ajayi is now fully healed and considered as one of the top free agents in the NFL. The player is only 26 years old and has been cleared medically for a month now. It would be a perfect opportunity for Ajayi to showcase his talent and prove his worth in the NFL hames.

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Jay Ajayi and Duke Johnson Pair

Jay Ajayi Deal Houston Texans Lamar Miller Replacement Pairing with Duke Johnson

Houston Texans recently added Duke Johnson from the Cleveland Browns and they need someone to support him. The backfield of Texans is still pretty weak with names such as Buddy Howell, Karan Higdon, Damarea Crockett and Josh Ferguson. Houston is not the same team after Lamar Miller’s injury and they need to fill the hole soon.

Johnson alone is not enough and adding Jay Ajayi could be a smart move for the Texans. AFC South title is not an easy thing to get and the Texans needs to get some better players for that. It will be interesting to see how the pair of Ajayi and Johnson works for the Texans with the regular season just days away.

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