AFC South division is one of the weakest in the NFL and it will change soon. Houston Texans, Indianapolis Colts and Tennessee Titans all have been winning more than half of the games in the last few seasons. Jacksonville Jaguars are still very far away and may never win an AFC title or Super Bowl. Here are the NFL predictions for Colts, Texans, Titans and Jaguars in the AFC South League.

Indianapolis Colts

NFL Predictions Win-Loss Odds Indianapolis Colts

Andre Luck has been injured and it’s the biggest problem for the Indianapolis Colts. The quarterback was absent from the exhibition games, is not attending practice sessions and would even miss the NFL preseason games. Maybe Luck gets back on the field at the start of next season and things might change for the Colts. Despite that, it will be very tough for the Colts to win major games in the AFC South league.

Predictions: 9.5 Wins (-135 Over/+115 Under)

Houston Texans

NFL Predictions Win-Loss Odds Houston Texans

Houston Texans and an underrated team who has won 3 AFC South titles in the last four seasons. Deshaun Watson could be the next NFL MVP with a passing rate of more than 103 in the last two seasons. Duke Johnson, DeAndre Hopkins and J.J. Watt have strengthened the defensive side of Texans. The offensive side is still something the Texans lack and it might be difficult to win their second division title this year.

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Predictions: 8.5 Wins (+125 Over/-150 Under)

Tennessee Titans

NFL Predictions Win-Loss Odds Tennessee Titans

Tennessee Titans were so close to the playoffs in the last NFL season and might make it this time. Ryan Tannehill is still one of the best quarterbacks for the Titans and they need more of that. Marcus Mariota has not done that great and Tannehill might replace him in the next season. The Titans have been going 9-7 in the last three seasons and this year could get better. Derrick Henry needs to excel as a running back for the Titans to get back in the game.

Predictions: 8 Wins (+110 Over/-130 Under)

Jacksonville Jaguars

NFL Predictions Win-Loss Odds Jacksonville Jaguars 

Nick Foles is the biggest name in the Jacksonville Jaguars and no one knows what he will do. The quarterback is the contender for MVP one NFL season and would play worse than a backup the next year. Even if Foles does a good job, the Jaguars have one of the worse defensive side. In 2017, Jacksonville had a very strong defense and they need to get back in the same form. It will be a tough job for the Jaguars to win the NFL games but they might win a few in the AFC South division.

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Predictions: 7.5 Wins (-120 Over/+100 Under)

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