NFL Indianapolis Colts Trade Jacoby Brissett

NFL preseason 2019 will be over soon and the regular season will start in its place. Most of the teams are already preparing for that, and a lot of trade deals between the football teams will take place. Indianapolis Colts is rumored to make some big changes before the start of regular NFL season. As per the reports, the Colts have a lot of assets and are receiving trade calls which could be active in the upcoming few weeks.

The Colts are rich in every department, they have depth at cornerback, wide receiver and even the offensive lines. T.Y. Hilton and Eric Ebron are very tight and one of their best pass-catching options. Jacoby Brissett, their main quarterback is also in a lot of demands, but the Colts won’t trade him out despite getting huge offers.

Brissett is Valuable to Colts

NFL Brissett is important for Colts

The Colts thinks that Jacoby is a very important part of their team and they won’t trade him under any circumstances. He is their main quarterback and the starter, and they need him for winning. Here is what Chris Ballard, the general manager of Colts, has to say on Brissett.

It is not just about Jacoby Brissett’s presence on the ground, he is equally important to the Colts in the locker room also. Both the offensive and defensive side respects him, and he keeps all the players in check. If the player himself wants to move out it’s fine, otherwise I won’t trade him out. I am not sending him anywhere soon and will do what is right for the kid.

Injury of Andrew Luck

NFL Andrew Luck Injury

Another reason why the Colts can’t afford to lose Brissett is the injury of their secondary starter, Andrew Luck. He is suffering from a calf injury and will miss out most of the starting games in the next NFL season. Luck even missed out the training camp, and there is no way the Indianapolis team would enter the ground without both him and Brissett.

Luck at the age of 29 years have finished 67.3% of his passes and threw for 39 touchdowns, along with 15 interceptions in the last NFL season. The Colts doesn’t want to danger their future playoffs chances hence the Brissett deal is out of the picture.