NFL Jalen Ramsey Trade Deal Minnesota Vikings

Jalen Ramsey has made sure he is not going back to Jacksonville Jaguars and it has provided a great opportunity to the other NFL teams. The cornerback felt insulted after an issue with the head coach Doug Marrone and requested a trade out from the team.

The Jags may try hard to convince him for rejoining but Ramsey has made up his mind. One of the NFL teams that surely need Jalen Ramsey is Minnesota Vikings. NFL 2019 season has so far been good to them except the Packers game but after signing Ramsey there will be no more trouble in their defense.

Vikings needs Jalen Ramsey in Defense

NFL Jalen Ramsey Trade Deal Vikings are Contender for NFL 2019 Season

The Vikings are currently 2-1 for the season with two strong victories against the Falcons and the Raiders. Everyone on the roster is contributing in the team and it looks like they would easily make it to the playoffs. But the people in Minnesota want something more, they are waiting for the Super Bowl title.

Although the odds are not with the Vikings, they have a positive attitude for this season and adding Jalen Ramsey would improve their defense by a huge margin. The Vikings are in dire need of a cornerback and they have the assets to make the Ramsey deal with the Jaguars.

Jalen Ramsey trade deal with Vikings

NFL Jalen Ramsey Trade Deal will be Perfect in Vikings

The Minnesota Vikings could send out their 2020 first-round draft pick and starting cornerback Xavier Rhodes to the Jaguars for making the Jalen Ramsey deal possible. The deal would improve the Vikings defense and also give them the No. 1 corner for upcoming years.

Ramsey is just 24 years old who would stay at the top of his game for another five to seven years. The Vikings and Ramsey would have a win-win situation as both the team needs victories and better team management. If the trade deal is closed successfully, the Vikings can easily move ahead in the race of Super Bowl title.