NFL Jalen Ramsey Trade Deal Jaguars

Jalen Ramsey has not been traded out even after the NFL Sunday Week 3 games are over. The cornerback from Jacksonville Jaguars requested a trade out after his dispute with coach Marrone and it was granted. There are a lot of NFL teams ready to sign Ramsey without any issues but the Jags are somehow still holding him.

It seems that the Jaguars have changed up their mind about Jalen Ramsey trade deal after their victory against the Titans. Gardner Minshew has proved that the Jaguars doesn’t have an opening quarterback problem and the team is back in form. The Jaguars might cancel Ramsey’s trade deal and offer him an extension to rejoin their roster for the rest of 2019 season.

Week 3 Victory against the Titans

Jalen Ramsey deal after Jaguars vs Titans Game

Jacksonville Jaguars thought they were a lost cause after losing the starting two games against the Chiefs and the Texans. It all changed in the Week 3 during the Jaguars vs Titans Thursday night football game, where they registered the first victory for 2019 season. The Jaguars had a solid 20-7 with every player from the team contributing to the victory.

Gardner Minshew, who was a sixth-round pick and backup for injured Nick Foles rushed for 204 yards and scored two touchdowns. Even though Jalen Ramsey was sitting on the sidelines, the Jaguars knows how much important he will become in the next few games. It is why the Jags are rejecting every offer for Ramsey and asking such a high price that none of the NFL team will agree for a deal.

Gardner Minshew and Jalen Ramsey

Gardner Minshew and Jalen Ramsey

Gardner Minshew has refueled a new life in the Jacksonville Jaguars and they are no longer thinking of a team rebuild. The Jags thought that they are a sinking ship when Nick Foles was injured earlier this season. Without a starting quarterback in the mix, it is hard for any NFL team to survive.

But Minshew subverted everyone’s expressions by rushing for more than 200 yards in every game and scoring 4 touchdowns. Jalen Ramsey could be of great support to such a player and there is no way the Jaguars are breaking this pairing now.