NFL Jalen Ramsey Baltimore Ravens Trade Deal Jaguars

Jalen Ramsey is in a lot of demand after he asked the Jacksonville Jaguars for a trade out but it looks like he won’t be leaving his team soon. The Jaguars after losing the first two games, won the third game in Week 3 of NFL 2019 season and it has made them rethink their decision. Baltimore Ravens has been one of the leading names in signing Jalen Ramsey and still, there is no development on the deal.

Nick Foles was injured earlier and the Jaguars thought they can’t do much without him, but Gardner Minshew stepped up to the job of starting quarterback and did an amazing job. The Baltimore Ravens are ready to offer a first and second-round pick along with their tight end Hayden Hurst, but the Jaguars are too greedy to give Jalen Ramsey in exchange.

Jaguars are Too Greedy for Jalen Ramsey

Jaguars are being too greedy on Jalen Ramsey

There is no way the Jacksonville Jaguars are going to get an offer better than that and yet turning it down indicates that they might not trade Jalen Ramsey after all. The Jags thought they are a sinking ship when Nick Foles was out for the season and decided to rebuild their roster for the future years.

It all changed after their last game against the Tennessee Titans where Gardner Minshew did an amazing job by rushing for 204 yards and making two touchdowns. Jalen Ramsey would make any defensive side impactful and the Baltimore Ravens are already one of the strongest sides. It is why the Jaguars might not trade out Ramsey to the Ravens.

Baltimore Ravens wants to Move Hayden Hurst Out

Ravens just want to trade out Hayden Hurst

Baltimore Ravens wants Jalen Ramsey in their team and it is logical but giving away Hayden Hurst indicates that there is something else going on here. The Ravens have like twenty of tight ends and which makes their roster imbalanced. It is why they thought it might be a good idea to replace their TE Hurst with the CB Ramsey. The Jaguars are too smart to fall for the trap and hence said no to the Ravens for the Jalen Ramsey trade deal.