NFL Jalen Ramsey Jacksonville Jaguar trade deal

Jalen Ramsey is very firm on his decision to move out from the Jacksonville Jaguars and won’t go back under any condition. The 24-year-old cornerback requested a trade out after the Week 2 game of Jaguars vs Texans where he almost had a fight with his coach Doug Marrone. The Jaguars initially accepted his request to move out from the team but had a change of heart after their Thursday night victory against the Titans.

Jacksonville has gotten back in form for the rest of NFL 2019 season with Gardner Minshew stepping up in the role of starting quarterback. But Jalen Ramsey has made up his mind and won’t rejoin the Jaguars, even if means faking out sickness and missing practice sessions with the team.

Jalen Ramsey is Missing out Practice Sessions

Jalen Ramsey misses out Practice Sessions

The Jaguars are asking for such a high price for Jalen Ramsey that none of the NFL team would agree to sign him. It doesn’t mean that Ramsey won’t do anything from his side, he is also stubborn and the cold war between both parties is brewing on.

Ramsey called in sick and refused to join the Jaguars roster on Monday for practice sessions. The 2016 fifth overall pick said that he has flu and doesn’t feel good enough to practice. But everyone knows that it is Ramsey trying to force the Jags to break trade deal with him and send him out to some other NFL team.

Issues between Ramsey and Jaguars

Issues between Ramsey and Jaguars

Jalen Ramsey and the Jaguars have a lot of issues and despite coach Doug Marrone covering it up, they have to deal him at one point. The Jacksonville coach says players missing out practice due to health issues is common but at the same time, it has happened in very rare conditions.

Ramsey believes that he was insulted by the Jaguars coach and they said disrespectful things to him. It is why he called his agent and requested a trade out as his time was over in Jacksonville. The Kansas City Chiefs are currently hot favorites for Jalen Ramsey after their victory against the Ravens and Patrick Mahomes is waiting for the deal to happen.