NFL Jadeveon Clowney Texans Deals Eagles Jets Patriots

Jadeveon Clowney is one of the best linebackers in NFL and no one doubts his ability. Whether it is about sacking the opponents or making turnovers, Clowney has been improving with each game. There are reports which indicate that things are not right between Houston Texans and Clowney and he could soon be traded out of the team.

The point is that Clowney is currently without a contract and he needs to sign the franchise tag before other teams make a deal for him. It doesn’t mean that other NFL teams are not trying for a deal or Clowney himself is not meeting with them. Here are the possible Texans and Clowney deals with Eagles, Jets, and Patriots.

Philadelphia Eagles

NFL Jadeveon Clowney Texans Deals Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles are one of the teams which are always linked with Clowney in all the NFL rumors. In case the Houston Texans decide to put Clowney on the trade block, the Eagles could be the first to offer him a deal. The Eagles could move out Jason Peters or Andre Dillard in order to make space for Clowney as he is better and younger in comparison.

New York Jets

NFL Jadeveon Clowney Texans Deals New York Jets

New York Jets have also made an offer to the Texans for Jadeveon Clowney for a rental deal. Avery Williamson has been injured and won’t be available for the next season and the Jets could use Clowney to replace him. The Jets could throw in a few future picks and a deal with Houston can be reached. The only catch is that Clowney might not agree for a rental deal as he needs a stable team for himself.

New England Patriots

NFL Jadeveon Clowney Texans Deals New England Patriots

New England Patriots are one of the best teams in NFL and have a clear shot at the Super Bowl 2020 title. Clowney would love to be a part of their team as he will get a chance to lift the NFL trophy. The Patriots also need him after their main offensive linebacker David Andrews has been injured. The Patriots and Texans could reach for a deal and Clowney could be traded soon.