Antonio Brown and his helmet issues have still not ended as everyone thought it was just a stunt for the HBO show Hard Knocks. Oakland Raiders are now really pissed off and want the whole drama to end soon. The star wide receiver for Raiders has again missed the training camp on Sunday and things are getting complicated.

Even the Raiders general manager Mike Mayock had to come forward and address the whole issue. Brown first missed the practice sessions due to his foot injury from the carelessness in cryotherapy. Now that Antonio’s helmet is considered illegal and banned from the NFL, he is almost confirming his retirement from Raiders and the whole of football.

No more Helmet Ban Hearings

NFL Court Appeal Antonio Brown Retirement Raiders

The reason why Antonio Brown threatened to retire from the NFL was over his favorite Schutt AiR Advantage helmet. He even tried the legal ways but lost all the cases in the court hearings. After that, Brown found a loophole through which he could wear the same helmet if a model is less than 10 years old.

Antonio found a few helmets and went back to training camp last Tuesday and things were looking good. But it didn’t last long as NFL found their own version of Schutt helmet and it failed every test. As the NFL committees rushed to stop Brown from wearing the helmet, he again skipped the training sessions for the Raiders.

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Last Warning from Raiders

Warning from Raiders Antonio Brown

Mike Mayock came out to the press and shared the Raiders side of the story to the world. He revealed that the team is in full support of Brown as he is upset over the helmet issue. But at the same time, they have now exhausted all avenues of relief. It is time for Brown to get his things together or there can be serious consequence soon.

While the agent of Brown has dismissed the rumors about retiring over the helmet ban, the Raiders has given him a final warning. There is nothing sure in the whole drama and who knows Antonio Brown may actually retire from the Raiders or they might kick him out of the team.

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