NFL Predictions Win-Loss Ratio Odds East League Eagles Cowboys Redskins Giants

NFC East division is one of the best sides in NFL who always gives other teams a run for their money. Ever since the last 15 years, the teams in East league are dominating most of the title games. Philadelphia Eagles, Dallas Cowboys, Washington Redskins and New York Giants all have won a title in the last decade. Here are the NFL predictions for Eagles, Cowboys, Redskins and Giants in the NFC East League.

Philadelphia Eagles

NFL Predictions Win-Loss Ratio Odds Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl in 2018 and almost won the 2019 NFC championship finals. Eagles are strong in both offense and defense which makes them the best team in the division. Jordan Howard as the recent addition has given them a talented running back. If Carson Wentz says healthy for all the games, Eagles could easily have total wins in double digits.

Predictions: 9.5 Wins (-176 Over/+145 Under)

Dallas Cowboys

NFL Predictions Win-Loss Ratio Odds Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys are not the same team as most of their players are injured or having deal issues. DeMarcus Lawrence and Amari Cooper are suffering from some serious injuries and will miss out most of the 2019 NFL season. Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliot are on the holdout and there is no progress in their contract extensions deals. Despite being the best team in the league, it would be hard for the Cowboys to win around 10 games.

Predictions: 9 Wins (+100 Over/-120 Under)

 Washington Redskins

NFL Predictions Win-Loss Ratio Odds Washington Redskins

Washington Redskins suffers from the problem of lacking a decent quarterback and there is no solution for it. Case Keenum and Dwayne Haskins in the center are doing more harm than good. Trent Williams is on the holdout and the left tackle might go to some other NFL team. Redskins coach Jay Gruden is trying his best, but the Redskins has one of the most lackluster defense and things won’t improve easily.

Predictions: 6 Wins (-120 Over/+100 Under)

New York Giants

NFL Predictions Win-Loss Ratio Odds New York Giants

New York Giants is usually considered as one of the worst team in NFL but that doesn’t mean they can’t improve. Golden Tate will return soon from his suspension of four games and join Saquon Barkley and Evan Engram. The trio is talented enough and will make the offensive line for Giants pretty good. Daniel Jones replacing Eli Manning could also improve the defense side for the Giants. They might not make it to the playoffs and win a few matches at best.

Predictions: 6 Wins (+125 Over/-150 Under)