AFC North is one of the most interesting divisions in all of NFL and has some strong teams. Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens are constantly making it to the playoffs. Cleveland Browns have the best shot at league title but they are nowhere close to the Super Bowl game. Cincinnati Bengals are the worst in the group and there are not many expectations from the team. Here are the NFL predictions for Steelers, Browns, Ravens and Bengals in the AFC North League.

Pittsburgh Steelers

NFL Predictions Win-Loss Odds Pittsburgh Steelers

Pittsburgh Steelers lost Antonio Brown to the Raiders but it is much of a loss as seen from his tantrums about his helmet. The Steelers are still one of the best offensive sides in AFC and it might play out well for them. Mike Tomlin as a coach and Ben Roethlisberger as wide receiver are some of the finest addition to the Steelers. The team has not lost any season since the last decade and they might repeat it in 2019 also.

Predictions: 9 Wins (-125 Over/+105 Under)

Cleveland Browns

NFL Predictions Win-Loss Odds Cleveland Browns

Cleveland Brown are one of the most consistent teams with more than 10 wins since the 1999 NFL season. Freddie Kitchens as a head coach might change a few things for the Browns. Odell Beckham has to stay fit and healthy for all the 16 games if Cleveland team wants to come on top. Baker Mayfield as the rookie quarterback has shown some potential but his performance has declined in the second year.

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Predictions: 9.5 Wins (+120 Over/-140 Under)

Baltimore Ravens

NFL Predictions Win-Loss Odds Baltimore Ravens

Baltimore Ravens are going through a tough time as Lamar Jackson as their main passer is not performing good enough. It should still turn out better than Joe Flacco who was average in the first place. Baltimore had a good record but it might not last much longer. The Ravens has lost some veteran players and addition of Earl Thomas is not that much of an upgrade. John Harbaugh, the head coach will somehow make the Ravens reach the 2019 NFL playoffs.

Predictions: 8.5 Wins (+120 Over/-140 Under)

Cincinnati Bengals

NFL Predictions Win-Loss Odds Cincinnati Bengals

Cincinnati Bengals are such a weak team in the AFC North and whole of NFL that it might get to pick the N0. 1 pick in 2020 draft. Jonah Williams had a torn labrum and he might miss out the entire season. The same can happen with A.J. Green as he also might miss a few games due to an injury. Nothing is going right for the Bengals team and they could hardly win even half of the total games.

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Predictions: 6 Wins (+110 Over/-130 Under)