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NFL Predictions: Super Bowl 54 and 2019 Season Playoffs Odds for AFC Division Teams

NFL Predictions Super Bowl 54 Playoffs Odds AFC Division Teams

NFL 2019 season is going to be packed with all the new star players who have changed their teams. Le’Veon Bell, Antonio Brown and Odell Beckham Jr. went to the Jets, Raiders and Browns changing the entire NFL stats. 2019 NFL season will be the 100th in the game history and everyone is excited about the games. AFC division is always dominating the NFL titles and here are the predictions for Super Bowl 54 and the next playoffs.

AFC North

NFL Predictions Super Bowl 54 Playoffs Odds AFC Division Teams North

Cleveland Browns are said to be the winner of next AFC North division even though they have not done it for a long time. Baker Mayfield, Odell Beckham Jr. and Myles Garrett are the names that can change things for the Browns. Pittsburgh Steelers lost Le’Veon Bell and Antonio Brown are in for a surprise. Baltimore Ravens won the last division title and Cincinnati Bengals are ready with their rookie coach Zac Taylor.

  • Cleveland Browns (11-5)
  • Pittsburgh Steelers (10-6)
  • Baltimore Ravens (8-8)
  • Cincinnati Bengals (5-11)

AFC South

AFC South

Houston Texans and Indianapolis Colts are winning the AFC South title since the last few years. There are high chances that the same will be repeated for 2019 playoffs too. Andrew Luck retiring from the Colts and Jadeveon Clowney leaving the Texans may change a few things. The Titans and Jaguars will try their best to use the opportunity for their advantage.

  • Indianapolis Colts (11-5)
  • Houston Texans (8-8)
  • Tennessee Titans (5-11)
  • Jacksonville Jaguars (4-12)

AFC East

AFC East

New England Patriots are the king of AFC East with winning the division title for the last 10 years. Even the Super Bowl 2019 belongs to the patriots and there is no stopping them. The Jets may give them some fight as they are also looking strong compared to the last seasons. Buffalo Bills and Miami Dolphins are kind of useless and have very fewer chances for making it to the playoffs.

  • New England Patriots 13-3
  • New York Jets 9-7
  • Buffalo Bills 5-11
  • Miami Dolphins 2-14

AFC West

AFC West

AFC West is the only division with two teams giving equal competition to each other. Kansas City Chiefs and Los Angeles Chargers both finished at 12-4 in the last NFL season but lost to the Patriots in the postseason games. Oakland Raiders are also looking good but Antonio Brown has added to their problems without playing a single game. The Broncos also have high expectations under the guidance of new defense coach Vic Fangio and quarterback Joe Flacco.

  • Kansas City Chiefs (14-2)
  • Los Angeles Chargers (11-5)
  • Oakland Raiders (5-11)
  • Denver Broncos (5-11)

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