NFL Predictions Betting Odds Patriots Saints Chiefs Rams

NFL 2019 season is almost here and it means the race to playoffs will start. The first stage to reach the Super Bowl is getting in the playoffs and 32 NFL teams will be fighting each other over the 8 divisions. New England Patriots won the 2019 Super Bowl and look strong enough for the next one too.

Kansas City Chiefs and New Orleans Saints have also impressed everyone with their recent performance. Los Angeles Rams have also improved and got a decent shot at the next title. Here are NFL predictions and betting odds for Patriots, Saints, Chiefs and Rams for making into the 2019 playoffs.

New England Patriots

NFL Predictions Betting Odds New England Patriots

New England Patriots will easily make it to the playoffs under the leadership for Tom Brady. They have made 15 times to the playoffs in the last 16 years of NFL. The Patriots only missed in NFL 2008 season as Brady tore his ACL and missed out the entire season. There is no stopping to the Patriots as they have won the AFC East title for 10 straight years.

Betting Odds: Yes -1150, No +700

New Orleans Saints

NFL Predictions Betting Odds New Orleans Saints

New Orleans Saints have become a strong team and showed their dominance by winning the NFC South title by a margin of 6 games. It was the first time when the Saints repeated their division victory and they are in full confidence for the next season too. The last two seasons were not good for the Saints where they exited the playoffs early due to the Minnesota Vikings. New Orleans team will make sure nothing of that sort repeats and 2019 playoffs goes better than ever.

Betting Odds: Yes -320, No +245

Kansas City Chiefs

NFL Predictions Betting Odds Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs have been constantly winning more than half of the games since the last six NFL seasons. Andy Reid as the head coach of the Chiefs has improved the team a lot. The Chiefs also has won three straight AFC West titles after that. Patrick Mahomes was awarded the MVP in 2018 and has made 50 touchdown passes. Kansas City is only behind the Patriots in terms of Super Bowl odds and making to playoffs will be much easier.

Betting Odds: Yes -304, No +240

Los Angeles Rams

NFL Predictions Betting Odds Los Angeles Rams

Los Angeles Rams have also shown great progress under the leadership of Sean McVay by winning the NFC West title. They are leading the conference in terms of scoring also and have improved a lot over the previous seasons. The Rams lost the Super Bowl 2019 badly and just scored 3 points against the Patriots. Despite that, the Los Angeles team is much better than other NFL teams and have higher chances for reaching 2019 playoffs.

Betting Odds: Yes -280, No +215