NFL Predictions: Hall of Famers for ​Carolina Panthers, ​Cleveland Browns and ​Dallas Cowboys

    NFL predictions Carolina Panthers ​Cleveland Browns ​Dallas Cowboys

    NFL games will enter into their 100th season as soon as the preseason matches are over. Before that, the list of Pro Football Hall of Famers will be announced in August. The club already has 326 members and a lot more will be added soon. There are a total of 32 NFL teams and each one has several players who can be given the honor. Here are the potential Hall of Famers from the teams of Carolina Panthers, ​Cleveland Browns and ​Dallas Cowboys.

    Carolina Panthers

    Carolina Panthers

    Luke Kuechly is the strongest in the Panthers to get the honor for NFL hall of fame trophy. Greg Olsen has been great at the receiving end and can end up being a Pro Bowler. Gerald McCoy has a powerful NFL resume and can be a future NFL Hall of Famer.

    Cam Newton has been an NFL MVP and one of the best quarterback, a few good seasons and he will have the golden statue. Christian McCaffrey is going great and if he keeps up the work ethic, he can be the next Hall of Fame player from Carolina Panther.

    Cleveland Browns

    Cleveland Browns

    Odell Beckham Jr. has played amazing from both the teams in his NFL career. If he repeats the same magic for Cleveland Brown, he would surely be a Hall of Famer. Jarvis Landry has been good at catching passes, but he needs to improve a lot for winning the title. Myles Garrett is getting praise as the first overall pick and can be a Hall of Fame level player in future.

    ​Dallas Cowboys

    Dallas Cowboys

    Jason Witten is an icon for NFL and he will surely get the Hall of Fame award before he retires from the game. Tyron Smith just needs a couple of seasons and his name from the Cleveland Brown team will be locked for the honor. Zack Martin has a great edge and it will soon show out in terms of his Hall of Fame trophy.

    Ezekiel Elliott is in a lot of demand and it won’t be much longer that he receives the honor. Dak Prescott needs to repeat the same magic he did in 2018 NFL season and he can be the next Hall of Famer from the Cowboys.


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