NFL preseason will soon be replaced by the regular 2019 season and there is so much in the store. All the 32 NFL teams will face each other for the biggest title of football. Super Bowl 2020 is not that far and predictions for the games are already coming out. The betting odds are now available and fans are in hopes for their favorite teams to win the title. Here are the NFL predictions for Eagles, Steelers and Vikings as they have the best bets for Super Bowl 2020.

Philadelphia Eagles

NFL prediction Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles have one of the best rosters in the NFC and they are getting better with time. The Eagles were the winner of Super Bowl 2020 and were so close to the current division title. Carson Wentz is the main star for the Eagles and his health will play a big part in how things play out. Philadelphia is the best team in NFC East and there offense and defense both are in good form.

Betting Odds: +1400

Pittsburgh Steelers

NFL prediction Pittsburgh Steelers

Pittsburgh Steelers are also at the top in terms of odds as most of analysts predicts 20/1 to 30/1 Super Bowl chances for them. The Steelers could come out as the winner for AFC north and will also have the home advantage in playoff games. Ben Roethlisberger is still the primary quarterback for the team and they will hardly miss Antonio Brown given his mental state. John Sherman and James Conner could be the next big thing for the Steelers and win them a Super Bowl title.

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Betting Odds: +2800

Minnesota Vikings

NFL prediction Minnesota Vikings

Minnesota Vikings have to work hard to come at the top in the NFC North division. It will be tough to defeat Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers as they sit out as the top teams in that league. Kirk Cousins is an improvement in Vikings over the previous quarterbacks but he still needs some more time. The Vikings have to improve their defense if they want to be a serious title contender for the next Super Bowl.

Betting Odds: 3000