NFL Prediction Pittsburgh Steelers AFC North Super Bowl 2020

Pittsburgh Steelers are having a tough season and there are very rare chances for that to change. NFL 2019 season has been the worse of their career so far and they might not even make it to the playoffs. While the Steelers had a decent last season with a 9-6-1 record, they might miss the playoffs for the first time in five years.

For the previous four years, the Pittsburgh team had a streak for 1o plus wins. But the betting odds for the current year suggest that it could get downhill from here. The prominent reason being the Steelers losing some of their best players in the trade deals. Here are the predictions on the AFC North and Super Bowl NFL games for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Performance of Steelers

NFL Prediction Pittsburgh Steelers AFC North Super Bowl 2020 Player Performances

The roster of Pittsburgh Steelers kind of feels empty since the last few months as two of their main stars have left the team. Antonio Brown has been traded to the team of Oakland Raiders in a trade deal. He was one of the best wide receivers for the Pittsburgh team. Le’Veon Bell after sitting out the entire last season has finally been signed by the New York Jets in the free agency.

It is not like without Brown and Bell, the Steelers will lose easily in any football game. There are players such as running back James Conner and wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster who are in good form. Roethlisberger is still one of the best quarterbacks and can manage to take the Steelers to playoffs.

Betting Odds: AFC North and Super Bowl 2020

Pittsburgh Steelers AFC North Super Bowl 2020 Predictions

AFC North doesn’t have much competition and only the Cleveland Browns have better odds (+135) than the Steelers for the title. Baltimore Ravens have lost their main players and Cincinnati Bengals are also out of form. Pittsburgh Steelers may somehow win the AFC North championship with betting odds of +170.

As for the next Super Bowl, the Steelers are predicted to be the 11th team in the race. The Steelers have 20/1 odds of actually winning the Super Bowl 2020. If Roethlisberger stays in form and doesn’t change his team, then Steelers can make it to the playoffs and even the Super Bowl conference.