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Paxton Lynch recently changed his team from Denver Broncos to Seattle Seahawks and a lot has changed with the deal. He seems much more happy and active as if he is free from a toxic bond. Last Friday, August 2, Lynch was made available to the media after joining the Seahawks for the first time.

After the Seattle Seahawks’ seventh training camp practice, Lynch talked to reporters and shared his views on both of his teams, the old and the current one. It was clearly visible that how much miffed Lynch was against the Denver team and it came out all. Apparently, Paxton hated playing for the Broncos and is glad he made his move to the Seahawks.

Leaving Denver Broncos

Horrible in Broncos

Paxton Lynch doesn’t have many fond memories with the team of Denver Broncos and now it has come to public knowledge. The 25-year-old quarterback had to spend almost a year out from the team and sit on the bench during his final year in Broncos. Lynch was replaced by Chad Kelly and had to sit on a bench for a long time, while his future in NFL was turning dark.

The way the coaches and other players in Denver behaved with Lynch was horrible and he always feels pressured. Lynch was a No. 1 pick in the NFL draft lottery and yet the Broncos were wasting his talent. It is why Lynch hated playing in Denver Broncos and was glad when the Seahawks signed him.

Seattle feels like Home

Paxton in Seattle

It is quite interesting that the first game Lynch gets to play in the Seahawks jersey will be against the Broncos. Even though the Seattle Seahawks vs. Denver Broncos game doesn’t hold much value, Lynch gets a chance to take revenge. Here is what Paxton Lynch has to say on his new team of Seahawks and how does it compare with the Broncos.

[blockquote footer=”Paxton Lynch on playing in Seattle Seahawks”]It feels like home and closer to my heart. I bring my fiancee out here and even my dad, and both of them loves it in Seattle. And it feels so much good and everybody welcomes me around here. They treat everybody as a family and we are close to each other.[/blockquote]