NFL New York Jets Bennett Jackson

Bennett Jackson celebrated the worst birthday of his life last night where after a few moments of celebration he was fired from the New York Jets team. The 28-year-old cornerback was cut from the team after the Jets lost badly to the Cleveland Browns on Week 2 Monday night NFL game.

Jackson was made to sit out even in the first game against the Bills and he was formally cut from the team before the Browns vs Jets game. To make the whole things worse, the NY Jets twitter handle wished him birthday and even his other team members did the same. If that was not enough, the tweet was later deleted and there is no larger insult than trashing his deal in this way on his birthday.

Birthday Tweet is now Deleted

Deleting Birthday Tweet NFL New York Jets Bennett Jackson

The social media handles of New York Jets and the actual team management might not have been in proper contact as the disaster happened. The Jets wishing him birthday and later realizing their mistake to delete was totally wrong. Jackson never showed any sign of anger and calmly accepted his fate and even said goodbye to his team member and friends.

The Jets could have wished him a birthday even after cutting him off. The Cavaliers always wishes LeBron James a birthday even after he left the team on bad terms. Chivalry and gentleman spirit in sports are important and the Jets should apologize to Bennett Jackson.

Bennett Jackson Replaced by Luke Falk

NFL New York Jets Bennett Jackson Replacement by Luke Falk

New York Jets doesn’t have many options left when both their quarterback left the team at the beginning of NFL 2019 season. Sam Darnold is suffering from mononucleosis and won’t be back before Week 5 games. In such a situation, the Jets had to cut off Bennett Jackson from their roster to make some space in the team.

Trevor Siemian alone is not enough and Luke Falk has been bought in the team as a backup quarterback. The Jets are currently lagging 0-2 in the series and it will be tough without Jackson to make it into the playoffs.