NFL Jalen Ramsey trade deal Jacksonville Jaguars Philadelphia Eagles

Jalen Ramsey is not going back to the Jacksonville Jaguars no matter what happens. The Jaguars are trying their best to keep him with them but Ramsey could force their hand if he intends to do so. The dispute between Ramsey and Jaguars coach Doug Marrone and ended in a fight and words were exchanged.

The 24-year-old cornerback feels insulted and requested a trade out to leave the Jaguars team. Eagles, Chiefs, Raiders and other NFL teams are interested in signing Ramsey but the Jaguars are asking too much price to stop the deal. But the Eagles might find a way as they need Ramsey badly, they are currently 1-2 and the risk of getting out from playoffs is looming over them.

Eagles can be out of the Playoffs

NFL Jalen Ramsey trade deal Philadelphia Eagles have risk of gettig out from Playoffs

Philadelphia Eagles are having their worst season after the 2018 Super Bowl run. The Eagles almost lost to the Redskins in the 2019 NFL season opener and it went downhill after that. The Falcons and the Lions both defeated the Eagles in the next two games and now they are at 1-2.

A few more games like this and the Phillies can say goodbye to the 2019 playoffs, which would be a major embarrassment. In the Week 3 Eagles vs Lions game, the offensive line of the Eagles was totally useless. Jalen Ramsey would improve their team overall and help them make a comeback in this season.

Jalen Ramsey and Eagles Trade Deal

Jalen Ramsey trade deal with Eagles

The Jaguars are asking for two first-round picks which hardly would be accepted by any of the NFL teams. Jalen Ramsey deal only holds him for 1.5 years and he would ask for huge amount of money after that period is over. It would be a huge risk to offer future picks and then pay Ramsey after a year.

The Eagles might be willing to make an offer to the Jags which might involve, a first-round, a second-round pick and one of their younger players. Jalen Ramsey recently called in sick to miss practice with the Jaguars which indicates that he is not going back and a deal will be made soon.