Dallas Cowboys are going 2-0 in the NFL 2019 season with defeating both the Washington Redskins and the New York Giants. It will soon become 3-0 as they beat the Miami Dolphins which are the worst NFL team right now and the fans will think Cowboys can win the Super Bowl. The Cowboys may even beat the New Orleans Saints in the Week 4 game as their starting quarterback Drew Brees is injured.

But things will get tough for the Dallas team when they face the Patriots, Packers, Eagles and other such strong teams. It is why the Cowboys and Jerry Jones needs to add other players and not depend on Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliot too much. The Cowboys will need names like Jamal Adams, OJ Howard and Damon Harrison to win the Super Bowl 2020.

Jamal Adams

NFL News Dallas Cowboys Jamal Adams

New York Jets made a stupid decision to bench one of their hardest working safeties Jamal Adams on Monday night game against the Browns and lost badly. It enraged him that the Jets moved him out for making a few penalties and he might not play there any longer. Adams is an excellent playmaker with 208 tackles in 34 games and is only 23 years old. The Cowboys can use him in their second unit and the Jets would allow a deal as they don’t have a future in the NFL 2019 season anyway.

OJ Howard, TE – Buccaneers

NFL News Dallas Cowboys OJ Howard

Dallas Cowboys can’t rely too much on Jason Witten in the tight end as he has gotten slow after being out for a year. OJ Howard, the first-round pick from Tampa Bay Buccaneers would be a perfect fit in the Cowboys team. In his first two seasons with the Bucs, Howard had an average of 16.6 yards per catch and 11 touchdowns. Tampa Bay never utilized Howard to his Alabama days potential and the Cowboys would make great use of him in their defensive line.

Damon Harrison, DT – Lions

NFL News Dallas Cowboys Damon Harrison

The Cowboys are currently lacking a quality tackle as Tyrone Crawford and Antwaun Woods both injured. Trysten Hill can start the game for them but it would mean a lot of risks and a single injury to Prescott can end their Super Bowl dreams. It is where Damian Harrison comes into the picture as the perfect nose tackle the Cowboys needs. Detroit Lions are stacked in the department and it won’t trouble them much as long as Dallas pays $11 million of his remaining two seasons contract.


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