Antonio Brown Retirement NFL New England Patriots lawsuit rape

Antonio Brown has been the topic of interest in NFL since the last month and it has finally come to end with him leaving the game. Brown said on Twitter that he is quitting NFL and won’t play for any of the team. It doesn’t mean that Brown can be trusted to stay true to his words and he had previously said the same on playing without his favorite helmet. But this time things could be different, as Antonio Brown has made some huge mistakes which can make his retirement from NFL permanent.

Antonio Brown is Comparing the Sexual Assault Allegations

Antonio Brown Comparing Sexual Allegations with Others

Antonio Brown blasted Robert Kraft and Ben Roethlisberger on Twitter after announcing his retirement from NFL. Brown says that his former Steelers teammate and New England Patriots owner both have been accused in sexual allegations and yet they are taking action against only him. There should be no comparison for such things and naming others doesn’t change the fact that Antonio Brown is facing two cases of sexual allegations.

Not Counting Up his Own Mistakes

Antonio Brown not counting his own mistakes

The list of things Antonio Brown has done wrong is getting longer by the day and there is no end to it. Brown had helmet issues, missed training camp and even threatened to punch Raiders manager Mike Mayock.

There are also reports that Antonio Brown sent intimidating texts to the second accuser with pictures of her children and called her broke. There is not a single day which passed without any kind of drama for Brown and everyone is now fed up of the wide receiver.

Antonio Brown is Supporting the Wrong Side

Antonio Brown is yet not ready to accept his own mistakes and account for the things he has done wrong. Brown retweeted a news report where Patriots fans threatened the sports writer who revealed his sexual allegations reports. The All-Pro wide receiver wrote that the system is working effectively, which is wrong on so many levels and shows what kind of mentality the player has.