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NFL News: Antonio Brown Could Comeback to NFL as Cowboys, Redskins and Dolphins are Ready for New Deals

NFL Antonio Brown New England Patriots deal trade lawsuit rape Cowboys Redskins Dolphins

Antonio Brown was fired from the New England Patriots on Friday and he announced his retirement from NFL on Sunday morning. The All-Pro wide receiver is not happy with how the Patriots and Raiders have handled his situation and released him without paying $40 million of his guaranteed money.

While the NFL is investigating the sexual harassment lawsuit allegations against Antonio Brown, the verdict is yet to be declared. Brown is still a free agent and one of the best wide receivers in NFL right now. It is why teams such as Dallas Cowboys, Washington Redskins and Miami Dolphins can offer Antonio Brown new deals which can make him come out of his retirement.

Dallas Cowboys

NFL Antonio Brown New England Patriots deal trade lawsuit rape  Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones doesn’t care much about the past of a player as long as he is performing well. The Cowboys offered Greg Hardy a chance in 2015 even though he was involved in a public domestic violence case. Meanwhile, Antonio Brown is only facing a civil case and that too without any hard evidence. Dak Prescott is in great form and giving him a weapon like Antonio Brown can make the Super Bowl dreams for Cowboys come true.

Miami Dolphins

NFL Antonio Brown New England Patriots deal trade lawsuit rape  Miami Dolphins

Miami Dolphins are the worst team in NFL right now with losing all the 3 games very badly. There is no way they care about the rest of 2019 season and adding Brown will do no harm to them. Also, Antonio Brown is a resident of Miami and the 31-year-old wide receiver can finally fulfill his wish to play in his home team. The Dolphins will obviously try to strike up a deal with Antonio Brown as soon as NFL clears him.

Washington Redskins

NFL Antonio Brown New England Patriots deal trade lawsuit rape  Washington Redskins

Washington Redskins falls into the same category as the Cowboys as it was apparent with their interest in Rueben Foster and Tyreek Hill. The Redskins are in a bad shape and yet they have shown some progress in the Week 1 game against the Eagles. Antonio Brown could significantly improve their roster in the absence of Trent Williams. Washington needs any help it can get and Brown would be willing for a fresh start.

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