New York Jets are in a very tough phase with both their starting quarterbacks out of the games. Sam Darnold was diagnosed with mono and he won’t back in the team until October or something. In the Week 2 game against Cleveland Browns, Trevor Siemein had a leg injury and he’ll miss the entire NFL 2019 season.

Luke Falk is their starting quarterback in the Week 3 game against the New England Patriots which could go way worse. The Jets needs a starting QB and Colin Kaepernick, Eli Manning, Ryan Fitzpatrick could be one of the replacements to get s trade deal.

Colin Kapernick

NFL New York Jets Deal Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick is a name that always comes in conversations about replacing starting quarterback for any team. The former 49ers has been training hard and his agents are also in contact with the Jets. Despite having the political controversies, Kaepernick would actually do a great job of replacing Sam Darnold in the Jets.

Eli Manning

NFL New York Jets Deal Eli Manning

Eli Manning has been removed from the New York Giants and he’s looking for a new team. The Jets could use him as a mentor for training the new and young quarterbacks of their team. Manning might not be at his best but a change of atmosphere could give him the required boost.

Ryan Fitzpatrick

NFL New York Jets Deal Ryan Fitzpatrick

Ryan Fitzpatrick is currently starting the game for Miami Dolphins and there is no future there. The Dolphins are on a full-scale reboot with trading out most of their good players. Fitzpatrick would be a great addition to the Jets who have a much better defense and are playing seriously for the NFL 2019 season.

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