New York Giants are absolutely at their worse and the primary reason is none other than Eli Manning. It is no doubt that he many awards including 4 MVP title but that time is gone. Manning is no longer in his prime and he is just tanking the Giants deeper and deeper.

The team lost both their games in NFL 2019 season and that with scoring only half points compared to their opponent time. Manning can’t run with the ball anymore and it is time that he should retire before it gets more embarrassing. Daniel Jones may not be the best rookie quarterback but with time he would at least play better than Manning.

Eli Manning should Give Up Playing

NFL Eli Manning New York Giants should give up playing

Eli Manning was about to retire way back in 2017 but he was given another chance to prove himself. It doesn’t work out any well but no one had the courage to bench him further. The Giants fired coach Ben McAdoo instead of Manning and he has been limping with the team for the last two years.

They spent so much money in the draft lotteries and got rookies but still, Manning started all the 16 games even in the lasts season. The Giants thought it would be an insult to Manning if they replace him with a sixth-round pick. Manning himself should understand the gravitas of the situation and give up playing football for good.

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Giants have to Replace Manning

Giants should replace Manning

The Giants needs to understand that Eli Manning can’t even play properly and yet he is given chance to open them. It is time Daniel Jones is promoted in the top position and Manning to retire. There is no way the New York team is going to improve with Manning and his current condition.

It would be stupid of them to bench him, give him rest and expect a miraculous comeback. Jones, the rookie from Duke has shown some promising plays in his college games and given enough chances he can repeat that in NFL 2019 season.

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