Eli Manning has lost his edge long ago but the Giants are still trying to make him win them NFL 2019 season games. There was a time when Manning won Super Bowl for his team but that time has gone long ago. What we have now is a struggling quarterback which fails to open the games for his team.

The Giants lose with 14 points to the Buffalo Bills in Week 2 and it should be clear enough that Manning has to replaced by someone younger. It is only a matter of time until the Giants bench him, give him a press conference and retire him on a high note. The rookie quarterback Daniel Jones has shown some great numbers and can easily take on his legacy.

Eli Manning has gotten Slower and Older

Eli Manning has gotten slow and older

There are so many factors involved why Eli Manning is no longer fit to play football. It could be his old age, Manning is 38 years old and NFL quarterbacks hardly last after 30 except for Tom Brady. Odell Beckham Jr. left the Giants and moved to Cleveland Brown and thus Manning lost his best supporting wide receiver.

Manning era is over since a long time and the Giants are unnecessary dragging him out. The 2 times Super Bowl MVP, 2 times Super Bowl champion, 4 times Pro Bowl winner has gotten slow and old. Manning can’t play anymore and the Giants will not wait much to retire the star.

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Replacement by QB Daniel Jones

Daniel Jones as Replacement

The Giants have to take a tough decision and promote Daniel Jones as their starting quarterback. Manning is currently at 116-116 in his career record and another loss for the Giants could give him a lower win to loss ratio. It is time for Manning and the Giants to do the right thing and let the legend retire.

The Giants will face the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the Week 3 game and Jones should be given a chance to start the game. The team is already taking and there will be no harm in replacing Manning by Daniel Jones for the rest of NFL 2019 season.

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