LeSean McCoy Trade Deals Houston Texans Oakland Raiders New England Patriots

LeSean McCoy is one of the most talented running back that was cut off by the Buffalo Bills and put on the trade block. There are a lot of NFL teams interested in McCoy and the Kansan City Chiefs managed to sign him for a deal.

It was easy for him to get a deal as he is a six-time Pro Bowler and a leader in rushing yards. While the Bills might have made a mistake, several teams tried but failed in the McCoy deal. Houston Texans, Oakland Raiders and New England Patriots needed LeSean McCoy more than any other team

Houston Texans

LeSean McCoy Trade Deals Houston Texans

Lamar Miller tore his ACL and the Texans were looking for a replacement ever since then. Duke Johnson is a good running back but he has never proved his name in NFL till now. The load on Texans is too much and McCoy could have carried it efficiently. He would have provided the required offense and also added to the depth of the Texans offensive side.

Oakland Raiders

LeSean McCoy Trade Deals Oakland Raiders

Oakland Raiders only have Josh Jacobs in the name of running back and there is no one to back him up. Jalen Richard is not enough to provide the depth his team needs and they are kind of short-handed on the offense. Antonio Brown needs proper support once he starts playing and LeSean McCoy would have been perfect in the team. McCoy could have been a backup in case of player injuries and Jon Gruden would have loved him in the team.

New England Patriots

LeSean McCoy Trade Deals New England Patriots

New England Patriots have plenty of running backs and they are the best NFL team right now. But it won’t hurt to have further improvement in the team and have a better RB as their leader. Sony Michel and James White are young and need experience, so the presence of McCoy in the team would be beneficial. Patriots can win their second Super Bowl in a row if they could have gotten LeSean McCoy in their team.