Jalen Ramsey’s trade deal is becoming the biggest headline in the NFL circles ever since he asked the Jaguars for a trade out. The cornerback felt insulted after his fight with the head coach Doug Marrone and won’t go back to the Jacksonville Jaguars team under any condition.

While Ramsey missed out on the Week 4 Sunday game against the Broncos due to ailment, he missed the Wednesday practice sessions with the Jaguars due to a back injury. The point is Ramsey is somehow avoiding going back to the Jaguars by giving any kind of excuses, while the Jags are rejecting every kind of offer and their fight is getting ugly.

Jalen Ramsey is Not coming Back to the Jaguars

Jalen Ramsey is Not coming Back to the Jaguars

Jalen Ramsey doesn’t care whether the Jaguars accept the trade deals from the Eagles or other teams, he won’t play there and it’s final. The star cornerback in a recent podcast said that his respect is bigger than the NFL fame and money, he won’t go back to a place where they don’t treat him well.

Ramsey is currently on the second last year of his five-year contract, he would make $13.7 million in the next season. The Jags have exercised the fifth-year option and Ramsey is making just $3.6 million this season and hence it will be better for the corner to leave the team in 2019 NFL season only.

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Eagles and Chiefs deal with Jalen Ramsey

NFL Teams needs Jalen Ramsey

The Philadelphia Eagles need a cornerback very badly as two more of their corners were injured in the last NFL game against the Green Bay Packers. It is the main reason why the Eagles are the frontrunner for Jalen Ramsey and offered two of their first-round picks in exchange for the Jaguars to get the deal done.

But it looks like the Jacksonville general manager Dave Caldwell didn’t accept the trade offer from Eagles general manager Howie Roseman. It doesn’t mean that Ramsey won’t be traded given how he is forcing the Jaguars by not playing and missing practice sessions. The Chiefs or the Eagles could be one of the teams that ultimately signs Jalen Ramsey in the next few days.

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