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NFL: Drew Brees to make a Comeback in Week 5 Saints vs Buccaneers Game

Drew Brees was out from the team of New Orleans Saints after his thumb injury in the NFL Week 2 game against the Los Angeles Rams where they lost the match. Despite missing out on their main quarterback, the Saints managed to win their next two games with the backup Terry Bridgewater leading their offense.

The Saints somehow managed to beat the Dallas Cowboys in the last Sunday NFL match even though they couldn’t score a single touchdown. It proves that they can’t survive much without Brees and need him badly in the Week 5 game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Luckily, Drew Brees has recovered earlier than the schedule and can make a comeback in the Saints vs Bucs Sunday game.

Drew Brees has Recovered from Thumb Injury

Drew Brees has Recovered from Thumb Injury

The Saints might be in luck given how Drew Brees has recovered from his thumb injury earlier than the schedule. It was said that Brees would at least miss out 4 to 6 weeks for NFL games. But the 40-year-old opener was seen flexing his thumb in the last Cowboys vs Saints game.

Even Brees himself confirmed in a radio interview that he feels much better now. In his own words, he could now do things he wasn’t able to before such as brush his teeth or pick up a glass of water. Although it doesn’t mean that Brees is ready to play pro football but the recovery process has sped up and he can be soon seen playing on the field for the New Orleans Saints.

Saints needs Brees against the Bucs

Saints needs Brees against the Bucs

There are chances that Drew Brees might still sit out a few games as in this age there are high chances of getting re-injured. But at the same time, Brees was seen practicing with the team, although no one was allowed to contact him on the ground.

The Saints will face the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the Week 5 Sunday game which could be a tough challenge given how the Bucs have defeated the Rams in the second NFL week. New Orleans will require every help they can get even if it means calling out Drew Brees on the ground.


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