DeAndre Hopkins Trade rumors had been swirling around for weeks prior to the 2023 NFL Draft, but the superstar wide receiver was ultimately not traded. Despite the Arizona Cardinals making several big trades during the draft, Hopkins remained with the team. While some thought he would be dealt for the right price, that did not happen. Now, the question remains: Will Hopkins continue to suit up for Arizona in 2023, or will he be traded to a new team later in the offseason?

DeAndre Hopkins Trade Deal Involving Arizona Cardinals and Baltimore Ravens, Buffalo and Kansas City Chiefs Plausible?

The Possibility of a DeAndre Hopkins Trade: Factors That Could Make It Happen (or Not)

Why It Won’t

DeAndre Hopkins Trade talks have been circulating for some time now, but here are the reasons why they haven’t materialized yet. One of the biggest reasons for this is that the Arizona Cardinals and other teams in the league have a significant disparity in terms of what they value Hopkins’ services. According to reports, the Cardinals were seeking a Day 2 pick in exchange for the superstar wide receiver, but teams like the Buffalo Bills, Baltimore Ravens, and Kansas City Chiefs were not willing to part with that kind of compensation for a 30-year-old player with a sizable contract who may also demand a raise.

DeAndre Hopkins Trade Deal Involving Arizona Cardinals and Baltimore Ravens, Buffalo and Kansas City Chiefs Plausible?

It seems that Arizona Cardinals have acknowledged the likelihood of a DeAndre Hopkins trade being unlikely, and they are comfortable keeping the star wide receiver on their roster for another year. General Manager Monti Ossenfort has stated that he does not expect a trade to happen and would be satisfied with Hopkins staying on the team for the upcoming regular season. This decision by the Cardinals makes it less probable for a trade to happen, though it does not completely rule out the possibility.

While it’s always wise to take GMs’ statements with a grain of salt, the Arizona Cardinals’ moves seem to indicate that they plan on holding onto DeAndre Hopkins for the foreseeable future. The team’s sole draft pick at the wide receiver position, Michael Wilson out of Stanford, isn’t a replacement for Hopkins by any means. The Cardinals still require additional wideouts, but it’s clear that Wilson isn’t the answer to fill Hopkins’ shoes if a DeAndre Hopkins trade does take place.

Why A DeAndre Hopkins Trade Could Still Happen

DeAndre Hopkins Trade Deal Involving Arizona Cardinals and Baltimore Ravens, Buffalo and Kansas City Chiefs Plausible?

Looking at the bigger picture, the Arizona Cardinals are likely to struggle in the upcoming 2023 football season despite their impressive draft picks. The team has numerous holes in their roster, and with Kyler Murray’s potential performance limitations, they may not be able to perform as well as expected. Therefore, it’s imperative that the team focuses on their future, and it’s doubtful that an aging DeAndre Hopkins will still be a productive player by the time the Cardinals become contenders again.

DeAndre Hopkins has expressed his desire to be traded to a more competitive team like the Bills or the Chiefs. However, the Cardinals are unlikely to do a DeAndre Hopkins trade as they have set a high price for him, and it appears that no team is willing to meet their demands. Buffalo, Kansas City, and Baltimore are the three most likely teams to trade for Hopkins, but they still have needs at wide receiver even after their respective draft picks.

The Cardinals are expected to hold onto Hopkins for as long as possible, and perhaps even into the regular season, given their high asking price. It’s probable that injuries or a team’s desperate need for a receiver will push Arizona to part ways with Hopkins, but it will require a more significant offer than just a Day 3 pick. Hopkins is unlikely to want to waste his prime years on a struggling team like the Cardinals, but as of now, he remains a part of their roster.