NFL: Dalvin Cook, John Ross and DJ Chark on the Sell List

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    NFL Week 2 has given us important insights on all the new breakout players who are there to stay. Some of them performed amazing and lead their victory, while there are a few names who disappointed everyone. The players who couldn’t perform will soon be cut off and their teams should immediately sell them for the rest of the NFL seasons. Dalvin Cook, John Ross and DJ Chark should be sold out by their teams without any delay.

    Dalvin Cook

    Dalvin Cook

    Dalvin Cook had his career-best 154 rushing yards and made a touchdown score against the Green Bay Packers on Sunday night game. But the Vikings still lost the game and they need to make some huge changes to their roster. There are a lot of games ahead and the Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins has not been pulling up great numbers. The Vikings can trade him out neat the October deadline even though he is performing decently.

    John Ross

    John Ross

    Josh Ross did a great job for the Cincinnati Bengals in the first two games by rushing for 270 yards and make three touchdowns. But when it comes to catching, Ross is worst where he had already dropped 20 targets this year. The Bengals are currently at 0-2 and it is expected to get much worse down the line. Ross would be sold out of Cincinnati as soon as they find a potential NFL team to make a deal.

    DJ Chark

    DJ Chark Jr

    The Jaguars wide receiver DJ Chark is having a hard time performing in the NFL games compared to his University days. He has just turned 13 targets into 11 catches for 201 yards and only two scores over two massive games. To make it worse, Nick Foles was replaced by the rookie quarterback Gardner Minshew and they have no coordination. It is just a matter of time that the Jags give a final call to Chark and he would be traded out of the team.


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