Antonio Brown New England Patriots lawsuit

Antonio Brown has again started to behave crazy after calling quits on playing NFL last Sunday. The Pro wide receiver was released by the Patriots for sending out threatening text messages to the woman who accuses him of sexual harassment. Brown is planning to file a lawsuit against the Patriots owner Robert Kraft for getting his guaranteed $9 million salary back.

At the same time, his agent Drew Rosenhaus has said that there are a few NFL teams interested in signing him for a new deal. In the middle of all this, Antonio Brown is back on Twitter once again arrogant as before, calling himself best and how the NFL needs him badly.

Antonio Brown thinks he is the Best

Brown thinks he is the best

Antonio Brown has said that he will practice at every high school in Miami for one day of the week as the young players can learn a lot from him. Brown has been also taking a shot at the sports brand Nike after they canceled endorsement deals with him following the sexual allegations lawsuit.

Even though Antonio Brown said that he is retiring from the NFL, he is once again planning to get back in the NFL 2019 season. Brown is so arrogant that he believes himself to be the best player and should not waste his talent by not playing in the league.

Brown says NFL Teams Needs Him

Antonio Brown thinks NFL teams needs him

When someone asked Antonio Brown that would he be playing for 4 different NFL teams this year, his answer was Big 4x meaning why not. Brown has been involved in a lot of controversies both on and off the ground. There was the famous helmet ban drama, frostbites in his feet and Brown almost punching the Raiders GM Mike Mayock.

While Antonio behaved his best in the Patriots, they released him due to his name in the sexual allegations lawsuit. Despite all of this, Brown says that NFL teams need him and he will be joining one of them very soon.