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Next Tesla Alternative Coming in the form of Apple Car?

Apple Car Tesla Alternative Tesla vs Apple

Tesla, for long, has been at the helm of the Electric Vehicle revolution all over the world. The company is among the biggest names when it comes to EVs and has been propagating the message of environment-friendly automobiles for a really long time now. However, is a Tesla alternative finally emerging in the form of the Apple Car?

Apple Car Tesla Alternative Competition Apple vs Tesla
Image: InsideEVs

Let us take a closer look at this and see if this is really the case and that Elon Musks’s firm finally has legit competition.

No Tesla Alternatives for several years:

Over the years, there have been companies which have tried to create electric vehicles as well as driverless cars. However, these firms were never really able to pick things up. Over the years, A-list brands such as Ford, Audi, and Nissan have also started off with their own Electric Vehicles, but Tesla’s run on top continues to be unchallenged.

Image Fortune

Furthermore, another reason as to why Tesla alternatives haven’t really popped up much is because Tesla continues to release car after car, which has been a massive success with the consumers. Their recent releases have all been popular, and the company has been reducing prices over the years – another incentive for the users to buy their cars! However, the Apple Car might just be what it needs to give Tesla a tough fight.

Apple Car vs Tesla Electric Vehicles: Is it time for a Change?

Rumors of Apple Car have been making rounds for years now. However, there has never really been any concrete proofs or announcements about when this Apple-made electric vehicle would actually release. Recent reports from a German publication have indicated that the company is near a breakthrough and may make a major announcement any time now!

Apple Car Tesla Alternative Competition Electric Car
Image Inverse

Another report confirming Apple Car being an electric vehicle points out that the company is working on developing “batteries, electric motors, special seats, and interior components.” This is a major hint that Apple is indeed developing an EV. With Apple’s automobile division picking pace, should Tesla double down on their efforts towards reducing the prices? It won’t be wrong to assume that Apple’s Electric Vehicle will be priced in at a premium price point.

Is Waymo a Tesla Alternative as Well?

Another Tesla Alternative which is on the rise is that of Waymo, which is Google’s automobile unit. However, details about what is going on at Waymo appear very limited at the moment! Reportedly, driverless Waymo cars are already driving Google employees across their campus – however, no updates have been made as to when a public announcement regarding Waymo could be made.

Apple Car Tesla Alternative Competition
Image Medium

It will be interesting to see if Apple is indeed able to disrupt the market that Tesla is pioneering in right now. Stay tuned with us for more news updates on this war between Apple Car vs Tesla vs Waymo!

Written by Anukriti Ghosh

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