New York Yankees vs Minnesota Twins results

One of the hottest MLB rivals New York Yankees and the Minnesota Twins just had their latest game. It was nail-biting an over the edge with almost equal scores. The game was being played out at the Target Field stadium with all the seats packed and an excited audience. As the MLB free agency is going on, it was kind of a test for players also to prove their worth.

The Yankees are looking for new pitchers and hence tested out the performance of their main players. The Minnesota Twins started very well with a triple play and their total score was 12. The Yankees in a surprising way beat that score with 14 and won that match.

Match Results and Summary

New York Yankees vs. Minnesota Twins Match Results Jorge Polanco and Miguel Sano player very well for the Twins and had an RBI of 3 and 5 respectively which lead to a total score of 12. The Twins had a good pitching attack and it was almost sure that the Yankees can’t beat that. Didi Gregorious from Yankees alone scored 7 runs and the Yankees were back in the game.

The scores were almost equal till the last inning and the Twins would have won if not of the amazing catch. Max Kepler had almost hit for a home run but Aaron Hicks caught it an amazing way and turned the game. The Yankees won with 2 extra runs and the Twins had to face defeat in one of the most memorable games.

Twitter Reactions

New York Yankees vs. Minnesota Twins Twitter reactions

The Yankees fans are very happy with the win and can’t keep over the celebrations. Twitter is filled with game reactions and how legendary the match was. Most of the people online are calling it the game of the year, which is indeed true. Aaron Hicks has been hailed as the hero of the match and the fans are showering their love over him. Here are the best reactions from Twitter on the Yankees vs. Twins MLB game.