The hammerhead worm has been seen all over the United States.

In Texas, this species has been found in the Austin and Dallas-Fort Worth areas. As per reported by Only In Your State. The worms have an appetite for earthworms. They have a neurotoxic venom and are basically immortal.

The shape of the hammerhead worm’s head makes it easy to identify it. Rain forces these worms to leave their homes. They’re difficult to spot and pose a threat to the local environment.

The most common way to kill a hammerhead worm is to cut it in half. If cut in half, this worm will grow into two separate worms. If you want to throw it away, place it in a plastic bag and use a salt and vinegar solution.

Also, if you decide to dispose of the hammerhead worm, don’t handle it with your bare hands because it has a toxic venom that can kill.