Westworld season 3 release date cast trailer leak

Season 2 of Westworld saw the destruction of many parks after the wars between Delos and the hosts. But Delos Inc. managed to survive, so the viewers may get to see some new parks in the next installment of the show.

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HBO doesn’t like to share much about the plot of its new series, and it is the same for Westworld Season 3. The show has a huge fan base, and only the online leaks could lead to some spoilers. The fans may get some idea about the new Delos parks and what they may look like.

Westworld season 3 release date cast trailer leak
Credits: Wired

Last April, software company MarkMonitor registered a domain called discoverwarworld.com as reported by a Reddit user. The company is responsible for managing other websites related to “Westworld,” including the series parks such as discovershogunworld.com and discoverwestworld.com. It is likely that the new park could be called the War World in Season 3.

What to expect in Westworld Season 3?

The websites relating to Shogun World and Westworld were active and accommodated the would-be visitors of the parks. So a separate domain name registration may serve as the clue that the fans have been looking out for. Some sources reported that it could just be a red herring for misleading the fans while the producers maintain secrecy regarding the actual park in the upcoming season.

Westworld season 3 release date cast trailer leak
Credits: Thrillist

Earlier in May, it was reported that the cast has started filming and they were spotted in the town of Besalu in Catalonia, Spain. Rodrigo Santoro and Thandie Newton were dressed up appropriate for the World War 2 era. Simon Quarterman was spotted in a uniform of the armed wing of the Nazi Party.

It seems that this season the fans will get to see a Nazi-filled Delos park. The show’s shooting may also take place in Singapore. Season 3 is set to premiere next year.