Game of Thrones season 8 episode 2 is due for the next week and HBO has just released a bunch of photos. The first episode saw a lot of reunions and revelations and it ended with a cliffhanger. And for the second episode, we are going to see many characters who did not feature in the first.

The promo for Game of Thrones season 8 episode 2 focuses on Jaime’s arrival in Winterfell and his reception. It also showed the army getting ready to fight the White Walkers.

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Game of Thrones season 8 episode 2 pictures

You can see Jaime surrounded by soldiers and standing in front of the Stark family and Daenerys. We can safely assume that he is being made to stand for trial.

Here, we can see Jon Snow and Arya Stark probably in a big meeting. They are probably planning battle strategy, positions and just about the battle, generally.

Here, we can see Ser Jorah Mormont in his full armour. I guess the prep for the battle is almost at its end.

Well, let’s not argue about what a nice drink can do in times of stress. And that too, it’s a battle.

Sam looks awfully awkward and concerned in this picture. He is probably listening to Jon’s plans but he has Jon’s big secret in his mind.

Battle times are tense and you don’t know what is going to happen in Game of Thrones season 8 episode 2. That’s probably one of the ‘pre-battle’ talk moments between Missandei and Grey Worm.

And here’s Ser Davos, in his usual pose. I wonder why is he so tensed about what he is cooking.

When does she not look this lovely?!

Bran is in his usual mood. He is expressionless and totally calm. So, we can’t really tell much. But, he is looking away from the fireplace, which means he is talking to someone. Yep, that’s it.

This might be the most important image and one of the important scenes in Game of Thrones season 8 episode 2. Bran is sitting near that tree, Winterfell weirwood. So, we can expect a new vision or prophecy.

Daenerys looks pretty satisfied and content. We gotta watch the Game of Thrones season 8 episode 2 to find out the mystery behind this.

And, here’s presenting the baddie of the show. We can see Lyanna Mormont in full armour and a full savage expression on her face.

Old faces in the next episode of Game of Thrones

The next two images will warm your heart. They both are of Gilly. Here, you can see her as a happy woman.

And here, we can see Gilly and Sam looking at each other, while little Sam,who is much bigger now, sleeping between them. They look worried though. Well, who isn’t?

We hope you enjoyed the spoiler pictures. Let’s wait till next week to watch Game of Thrones season 8 episode 2 and relate the scenes to the pictures!