Netflix Black Mirror Season 5 release date, cast and trailer

Black Mirror is one of the most amazing and complex series out on Netflix with each episode different from the other. The last season of Black Mirror was released in 2017 while an interactive special came out recently. Fans have been waiting for a Black Mirror Season 5 and want more of it.

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Featuring the adverse effect of technology and the complex nature of humans, season 5 is about to get darker. Here is everything we know about the upcoming Season 5 of Black Mirror on Netflix.

Season 5 Trailer

Netflix first released a teaser confirming the announce of Season 5 for Black Mirror. Last month, on May 15, the first official trailer for Black Mirror season 5 was released. It featured 3 different storylines that how the upcoming technology is affecting our life and violating our privacy. We are focusing on tech and gadgets so much that we have lost the touch of real life and other humans.

While another trailer for Black Mirror episode titled ‘Rachel, Jack and Ashely Too’ was released on May 21. The trailer focused on Miley Cyrus playing herself and a new Android doll modeled after her. It shows how not having real friends affects a person and artificial robots can’t take the place of real humans.

Release Date and Episodes

Netflix Black Mirror Season 5 release date, cast and trailer

The makers have confirmed the release date and the titles of all the episodes in season 5 of Black Mirror. Netflix will release all the three episodes of Black Mirror Season 5 on June 5, Wednesday. All the episodes will be available simultaneously at the same time to stream on Netflix official App and website. The titles of Black Mirror Season 5 episodes are revealed as follows.

  • 1st Episode – Striking Vipers
  • 2nd Episode – Smithereens
  • 3rd Episode – Rachel, Jack, and Ashley Too

Cast and Characters

Netflix Black Mirror Season 5 release date, cast and trailer

Every episode of Black Mirror features a different story and a new cast, and rarely any of them is repeated. For season 5 of Black Mirror, Netflix has added some major names from the industry. The biggest star included is the pop sensation Miley Cyrus, who is playing a version of herself. Anthony Mackie, the Avenger actor who is famous for the role of Falcon is also there in Black Mirror season 5.

It also features Andrew Scott who is famous for the role of Moriarty in Sherlock. Along with that, it includes other big names such as Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Topher Grace, Nicole Beharie, and Angourie Rice for Black Mirror Season 5.

Story Details

Netflix Black Mirror Season 5 release date, cast and trailer

All three episodes of Black Mirror Season 5 are separate and follow their own plots. The first episode will focuses on Anthony Mackie and his character who gets bored with his wife. He wants to try out something new and his friend helps him. With the passage of time, Mackie’s character grows distant and find himself seduced by the tech screen girls.

The second episode starring Andrew Scott showcases his normal life as a driver and new changes. Smithereens were featured in previous seasons of Black Mirror, and season 5 tends to explore them. The character of Scott learns about the Smithereens and develops a paranoia.

Netflix Black Mirror Season 5 release date, cast and trailer

While the last episode is centered on Miley Cyrus and her Android doll. It shows how big celebrities suffer from loneliness and could turn out to be the best episode of Black Mirror Season 5.

Connection with Previous Episodes

Black Mirror episodes are not connected to each other in any way. The recent trailers for Season 5 have proved it wrong. The name Smithereens was first introduced in Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, and it has resurfaced again in the second episode of Season 5.

It could confirm that all of the episodes of Black Mirror takes part in the same universe and could feature a crossover or sequel to previous episodes. Black Mirror Season 5 could be the first season confirming the main universe, although all of it is just speculations.

Fans are Excited

Netflix Black Mirror Season 5 release date, cast and trailer

Since the release of last season of Black Mirror, it has gathered a huge fan following. It has viewers all around the world who are excited for Season 5 of Black Mirror. Here are some of the fans sharing their views and how they can’t wait for the next season of Black Mirror.

Black Mirror Season 5 comes out on Netflix on June 5, make sure you have a subscription. Netflix offers a one-month free trial, you can use that to watch it without any charges.