neighbor's kids not allowed to use the pool by a woman

You don’t get to pick your neighbors when you move into a new home. Things become complicated when you become friends with them. A family of two women bought their own home, something they worked very hard for.

“It even has a pool which is just amazing and something I’d always wanted but never thought I’d have,” the 32-year-old author wrote about the house in a post on r/AITA. She was not the only one who loved the pool.

“I keep finding neighbor’s kids using our pool having hopped our fence and I keep getting them to leave,” she said. The parents of the kids said that they were used to playing there thanks to the previous house owners and that they did not see anything wrong with it.

The author wants to know if she was right to not allow the kids to play there, so she wants to hear your thoughts on it.


A woman shared how she and her wife moved into their dream house only to find their neighbors’ kids using their private pool.


The author told the parents that she wasn’t giving them permission to use the pool.

The important thing to remember is that you can’t escape your neighbors. You want to be on good terms with them because they have a good idea of what you have been up to.

Everyone has the right to feel comfortable in their own home, whether it is your garden, pool, balcony, or kitchen with large windows that stretch from the ground to the top.

According to the mother and writer Cassandra Kyser, “you shouldn’t have to run from your car to your house because you’re afraid the neighbor kids will see that you’re home. You also have a right to refuse announced visitors. Your door does not have to be literally or metaphorically ‘open’ 24/7. And yes, you have the right to sleep in without relentless knocking,” she argues.

To keep your sanity, you need to set and enforce some rules if you have a neighbor kid stopping by at all hours of the day. You have to communicate with the kids’ parents.


The author was supported by many people who said she was reasonable not to allow the kids in her pool if she didn’t want to.