Guess who could be the trade target once again? It’s none other than Kevin Durant, the star of Brooklyn Nets. But this time around Brooklyn Nets is not getting away without a deal.

Kevin Durant Brooklyn Nets Trade

The Nets were not keen on making a trade when Kevin Durant requested them a while back ago during the offseason. Brooklyn Nets ended up convincing Durant to get ready for another run alongside Ben Simmons and Kyrie Irving. It began with a rocky start though.

Currently, Brooklyn Nets is 4-6 on the season and they are ready to make a deal for acquiring Durant. The Nets have suspended Irving after he shared an anti-Semitic video and failed to disavow antisemitism. Not only Irving, but the Nets have also relieved Steve Nash, their head coach.

Trade for Kevin Durant Brooklyn Nets

Here’s what ESPN’s Zach Lowe has to say about Durant and Brooklyn Nets

Reportedly, ESPN’s Zach Lowe said,

The whole league is ready now to reengage.

This certainly doesn’t come as a surprise as Durant and Brooklyn Nets are in sync with their desire to win.

Meanwhile, Simmons is far from being an impactful player due to his inability to stay on the floor and has been anything but a source of frustration for Durant and several others.

However, if Kevin Durant chose to opt out again, general manager Sean Marks would certainly try for the 2023 draft and beyond. Convincing Durant to trade won’t be easy certainly and include a massive trade package with multiple 2023 draft picks.

Kevin Durant is among the top 10 players and the Brooklyn Nets would try their best to make a deal. Bringing a new head coach would also help Brooklyn Nets to salvage the season. Brooklyn’s new coach is expected to be Ime Udoka, the suspended coach OF the Boston Celtics.

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