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Kevin Durant made a shocking move when he left the Warriors team to sign a deal with the Brooklyn Nets in the 2019 NBA free agency. While everyone was expecting that Durant will join the New York Knicks, nothing of that sort happened. Even the fans and NBA experts were confused by the decision and could not figure out why Durant joined the Nets instead of the Knicks.

It is not just about that, Kevin leaving the Golden State Warriors after his injury also has a lot of hidden reasons. When Kevin Durant was recently asked about it, he gave a reason and explained why he went from the Warriors to the Nets and not the Knicks.

Why did Kevin Durant never Joined the Knicks?

Why did Kevin Durant never Joined the Knicks

The biggest question was that why did Kevin Durant didn’t signed a trade deal with the New York Knicks as expected by everyone. However, the NBA superstar said that all the speculations were wrong and it was just noise and rumors from the media outlets. Durant also added that the Knicks are not the team anymore that young player looks at and want to join them.

Durant also revealed that he gave signing with the Knicks a thought, but never did a deep full analysis of the offer reports. He further added that he was hearing about him going to Knicks every day and it was hard to avoid it. So, instead of dodging the question Durant simply let his action speak for themselves when he joined the Nets team.

Kevin Durant on the Brooklyn Nets deal

Kevin Durant on the Brooklyn Nets deal

Kevin Durant basically said that the reason to join the Brooklyn Nets was a change of atmosphere and a chance to play with the younger players. In the Golden State Warriors, Durant was playing with an older group which includes names such as Andre Iguodala and Draymond Green.

While the Nets roster is comparatively young with players like Kyrie Irving, DeAndre Jordon, Caris LeVert and others. When Durant was asked whether he believes that playing with a weak time like Nets could have any effects, the NBA star was quick to respond that he would make any team better that he plays for.