NBA Trade Rumours JR Smith Houston Rockets

Houston Rockets have suddenly become the NBA title contender after their latest deal and if certain rumors are to be believed, JR Smith might be the next latest addition to their roster.

Russel Westbrook from the Oklahoma City Thunder was exchanged with Chris Paul in the biggest late free agency deal. The duo of James Harden and Westbrook has reunited and is ready to take the Rockets to the big leagues. But there are already enough power Duos in other NBA teams and the Rockets needs to top that.

It is why they are planning to sign in JR Smith who has turned into a free agent before the year 2019 even started. There was an internal spat between Cleveland Cavaliers and Smith which lead them to waive his contract. The Rockets were in the persuasion of Smith since the last season and the latest Instagram reaction is in an indication of a future deal. Here are the details about the Instagram post and the reasons Rockets and Smith deal is totally possible.

The Instagram Story

Chris Smith, the brother of JR Smith recently posted a picture of James Harden and Russel Westbrook. The caption hinted that if JR Smith joins the duo, they will be unbeatable. Smith shared the story on his own profile with an eye emoji as an indication to something big is happening soon.

The original text caption was ‘shit about to get ugly one more @teamwish shit would be sick. Here @teamwish is the Instagram handle for JR Smith and he was able to share the story due to that mention. Since the IG story came out, fans of Rockets are excited on the possibility of Smith joining the Houston team.

Future of Rockets with JR Smith

NBA Trade Rumours JR Smith Houston Rockets Future of Rockets

JR Smith has not played many games in the last season due to termination of his contract in between. He had an average of 6.7 points, 1.6 rebounds, and 1.9 assists in a total of 11 games played. Smith had a 30.8 percent shooting ratio for beyond the arc three-pointers and 80.0 percent from the free throw line.

It is no doubt Smith is a great shooter who used to play along with LeBron James in Cavaliers and still was never shy to throw. The Rockets currently have only 13 spots and filled and 2 are empty, where Smith can fit in easily. James Harden and Russel Westbrook would be happy to have Smith as the duo turns into a powerful trio.