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NBA Trade Rumors: New Deals for Kevin Love, Chris Paul, Bradley Beal and Andre Iguodala

NBA trade deals Kevin Love Chris Paul Bradley Beal Andre Iguodala

NBA training camp is getting near and still most of the teams have not completed their final roster. Bradley Beal is yet to decide on his contract extension with the Wizards. Oklahoma City Thunder are looking for possible trade deals for Chris Paul. Kevin Love and Andre Iguodala are thinking to change their previous teams. Here are the possible new deals for Love, Paul, Beal and Iguodala before the NBA seasons begins.

Kevin Love – Trail Blazers

NBA trade deals Kevin Love Portland Trail Blazers

Cleveland Cavaliers have Kevin Love under contract for the next four years at $120 million. There is no way that the Cavs would even consider about a trade deal for normal players and future picks in exchange. But then again Hassan Whiteside from the team of Portland Trail Blazers have an even bigger contract at $27.1 million for the last few months.

The reason being Love’s age which is now 30 and the Cavaliers won’t get the same value a few years later. The only hurdle is that the Cavs gets greedy and asks for some future picks in addition to Whiteside.

Chris Paul – Heat and Timberwolves

NBA trade deals Chris Paul Miami Heat and Timberwolves

Miami Heat and Oklahoma City are already discussing for a trade deal including Chris Paul. As the next summer approaches, Miami can offer Goran Dragic and James Johnson to the Thunder team. It would save both the teams from a tax luxury limit and get what they want.

The Thunder do not need Chris Paul and would rather prefer a few young players in exchange for him. Minnesota Timberwolves can offer Jeff Teague and Gorgui Dieng in exchange for Paul and both the team could benefit out of it.

Bradley Beal – Nuggets

NBA trade deals Bradley Beal

Bradley Beal is yet to develop in an NBA star and one season of performance is not enough. Despite having an average of 26.7 points, 5.7 assists and 4.9 rebounds in the last season, Beal still needs to do a lot. Denver Nuggets don’t have a counter-offer over the $111 million by Wizards but they can offer a lot of other players and future pick in exchange. Gary Harris, Monte Morris, Michael Porter Jr. and first-round picks for the next few years will be enough to convince the Wizards to deal out Beal.

Andre Iguodala – Pelicans

NBA trade deals Andre Iguodala

Memphis Grizzlies had no intention of playing with Andre Iguodala and wanted to trade him at the first window possible. The Pelicans after giving away Anthony Davis to the Lakers have gotten weak. But at the same time, they are loaded with assets and use some of it to get Iguodala from the Grizzlies. The Pelicans can offer Darius Miller, E’Twaun Moore, and three second-round picks in exchange for Iguodala deal.

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