NBA Trade Lakers DeAndre Jordan LeBron James Anthony Davis

The Los Angeles Lakers have a lot of empty positions and they want the biggest names possible. Although, given they only have around $23.2 million to spend, it will be a tough thing. Anthony Davis deal with the New Orleans Pelicans has cost them a lot, and now they want some cheaper players.

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One of such names is the 30-year-old veteran DeAndre Jordan who has played for several teams. Jordan has been played for the LA Clipper, Dallas Mavericks and ended at last with the New York Knicks. Here is why the Lakers need DeAndre Jordan and how a deal can be made.

Better for LeBron James and Anthony Davis

NBA Trade Lakers LeBron James Anthony Davis

The fact is that even though the Lakers got Anthony Davis, they need more players to back him up. Anthony Davis feels more comfortable while playing at power forward, while LeBron James is more of afar shooter. It means they need someone with experience in between to pass the ball, without wasting much time.

The position doesn’t require much speed and will be perfect for DeAndre Jordan. It would boost the performance of the Lakers team, and also James can share his experience with the younger players. The Lakers are in dire need of some talented name to help the Davis-James duo.

Possible deals for the Lakers

Los Angeles Lakers deals NBA Trade Lakers DeAndre Jordan LeBron James Anthony Davis

The New York Knicks is totally trying to change the team lineup and trading out older players. Also, they are planning to get Kevin Durant, which mean they need a lot of money. It would be a perfect chance for the Lakers to make a deal with the Knicks for DeAndre Jordan.

Compared to Brook Lopez and Nikola Vucevic, Jordan is a much better choice for the Lakers. If the Los Angeles team wants to fill in all 8 open positions, they need to spend their budget wisely. Having DeAndre Jordan in their team could be the start of such a process.