Carmelo Anthony is viewed as the potential third star-player in the Lakers to support the LeBron James and Anthony Davis duo. A trade deal with Melo could mean a lot and almost secure the next NBA finals for the LA Lakers. Here is how that Carmelo Anthony deal can be made and how will it affect the future of the Lakers team.

The Los Angeles Lakers could not acquire any big names in the free agency, but guess it did not matter anymore. Most of the top free agents did not sign with the Lakers due to the issue of LeBron James’ high attitude. But it looks like the same person LeBron has helped the Lakers make a new deal.

The LeBron James Effect

LeBron James Factor Carmelo Anthony NBA trade

While none of the other top names in NBA wants to play together with LeBron James in Lakers, the case with Melo is totally different. Carmelo Anthony and James are longtime friends and had even played together in their younger days. The stars have a great bonding and it can also benefit the Lakers on the basketball court.

Also, Melo has a lot of experience and have the ability to handle the ball from any side of the court. The Houston Rockets are not in any mood to re-sign Carmelo and the Lakers could easily offer him a deal. The whole trade deal will be made possible because LeBron James is trying to make it happen.

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Is the Lakers Power Trio Complete?

Lakers Trio Carmelo Anthony NBA trade

Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving in the Brooklyn Nets, Kawhi Leonard and Paul George in the LA Clippers, Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson in the Warriors, etc. are some of the powerful duos that will play in the next NBA season. Sure, the Lakers had their own duo of LeBron James and Anthony Davis, but it was not sufficient and they needed a third man.

Now that the Carmelo Anthony deal is almost on its way, the problem is solved. The Lakers have an edge over the other NBA teams in the form of a power trio. The 3 talented star players could beat any opposing teams without any problems. If the power trio is completed and performs as expected, the Lakers are surely a champion of NBA 2020 finals.

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