NBA Trade news Kawhi Leonard VanVleet Raptors

Toronto Raptors still hold the hope that their star man Kawhi Leonard will commit his future to the team come to the free agency window in July. But teammate Fred VanVleet suggests that the Canadian franchise has done all they can to convince Leonard and that they can only sit and hope now.


Kawhi Leonard on the move

The small Raptors forward had a great 2018-19 NBA season, helping the Toronto Raptors to a record first NBA title, also earning the Finals MVP award along the way. But if the rumors are anything to go by, Leonard’s time at the Raptors will come to an end when he opts out of the last year on his deal and becomes a free agent.

NBA Trade news Kawhi Leonard Raptors

While the Raptors still hold hope that Leonard will stay, multiple reports indicate that it is likely he will head off to Los Angeles as a free agent, with the LA Clippers the current favorite to land him. And VanVleet believes that whatever his decision, it is made up now and there is no chance of Leonard changing his mind.

Nothing can be done now: VanVleet

VanVleet was quoted by the Sports Illustrated magazine saying that from his team, the Raptors’, point of view, there was nothing more to be done. That everything they, his team, his franchise, and his coaches could do to convince Kawhi Leonard to stay, they had already done. He added that they had not gone out of their way to convince Kawhi to stay, but had just ‘been themselves’ over the year.

NBA Trade news Raptors Kawhi Leonard VanVleet

But the fact remains that Leonard is the most sought out free agent on the market now, along with the injured Kevin Durant. And the Raptors face an uphill battle to keep their star man.